Frequently Asked Questions about Food Wisdom Rx™

Q: What small steps can I take now? Do you know the best-tasting substitutes for wheat, dairy & sugar?

A: Here are a few ways to transition your eating habits in preparation for your individual Food Wisdom Rx consultation:

Q: What does the Food Wisdom Gluten Elimination Program include?

Q: What does the Consultation involve?

A: Photos of your face and feet are taken for an Oriental facial assessment (a remarkable ancient diagnostic tool). The consultation is recorded for you, due to the volume of information you receive.

The consultation process is then 4-fold:

  1. Review your pictures to determine priority of specialized remedies
  2. Review suggested supplements
  3. Review initial remedy plan
  4. Review the transition segment and discuss how to get started with shopping, cooking, and realigning your pantry with new key ingredients

Q: How do I get a consultation if I do not live within driving range of Roxanne’s locations?

A: We conduct the majority of our consultations online and via phone, actually! Once we've confirmed your new client status, you send your digital pictures, and we review them for clarity.

We then send you a form to complete and return, after which we schedule your consultation appointment. For the appointment, we call you and go through the consultation process as if in person. We then send your Food Wisdom Gluten Elimination Program and tape via priority mail.

Any questions, joys, concerns, or ideas you develop in the ensuing 30 days, just call or email for support!

Q: What if I want to continue with Food Wisdom Rx after the first 30 days?

A: Continual support plans and more advanced consultation modules are available for clients who want to delve deeper and continue their physical transformation. Most clients choose a 120-day regimen, as the most profound results begin manifesting after 3 to 4 months.

Ultimately, Food Wisdom involves three major phases with supporting modules:

Clients with cancer and other life-threatening diseases typically continue into the 6 to 9 month range and beyond, as the deepest results tend to come about in the 4 to 8 month range.