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Roxanne has a creative and joyful way with food. She makes the seemingly boring world of healthy eating exciting. The food will change your life.

- Jackie Boyd, Owner
In Good Taste, Charleston, S.C.

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Proven success in targeting cancer cells and eliminating nausea & pain during chemo & radiation

When cancer patients come to Food Wisdom Rx, they typically have a medical plan of action from their oncologist — some combo of chemo & radiation — but they want to tackle their cancer holistically as well. 

The Cancer Cookbook offers total guidance on the food front. All recipes are formulated to help starve cancer cells & rebuild the immune system, and it's far from rabbit food.

Combining a wide range of delicious dishes with inspiring stories of success, Chef, Author, & Macrobiotic Consultant Roxanne Koteles-Smith has created an easy-to-use cookbook with solutions for giving your body the nutrients it needs to realize optimum wellness.

Big Flavor, Low Maintenance

The ingredients and instructions are short & sweet, but the author's training in Japanese macrobiotics and French & American fine dining cuisine yield dishes that are elegant & flavorful as well as restorative.

Learn how to cook healthy, organic whole foods that not only restore wellness but actually taste fantastic!(Think of it as really yummy yoga for your insides.)

150 well-tested recipes including:

  • Fish, vegan, & vegetarian recipes
  • Gluten-free menus & recipes
  • Various high-protein recipes
  • Land & sea veggies
  • Desserts without sugar
  • Whole grains & pasta
  • Tofu, tempeh & seitan
  • Soups
  • Low-glycemic solutions

Researchers have proven that a specific diet of seaweed & soy can reduce the incidence of cancerous tumors, especially in regards to breast cancer.

We've also learned that sugar feeds cancer cells. Immersion in the Food Wisdom Rx eating regimen has helped clients transition away from sugar (as well as wheat gluten, cow's milk, alcohol, animal fats & meats).

The results are truly amazing: remission, tumor shrinkage, a disappearance of even metastasized cancers, and chemo without pain or nausea are some of the recent victories won by Food Wisdom Rx clients.

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Featuring Seasonal Crops & Practices

Strive for a healthier you with all-natural, gluten-free vegan dinners prepared with all organic ingredients from our company in Asheville, North Carolina. 

  • Simple, sophisticated chef-prepared dishes
  • Inspired by time-tested classical French and Japanese macrobiotic cooking techniques
  • Formulated to restore health & wellness through strategic combinations of organic, whole foods
  • Premier provider of chef-prepared, gluten-free, organic fresh foods to stores & restaurants in NC, SC, AL

Created through the Food Wisdom Rx program, Roxanne's Remedies feature a variety of fresh, gluten-free, vegan organic foods packaged in 100% eco-friendly NatureWorks™ biopolymer. All of our nutritional products contain no dairy, wheat, or sugar, and we use absolutely no animal products.

With 10 years of experience creating healthy food, we design food programs to teach people how to live healthier lifestyles. We sell everything from vegan desserts and salads to pasta dishes. A few examples:

Seasonal Sensations

  • Sprouted Quinoa Salad
  • Gluten-Free Pasta w/Greens & Beans
  • Lemon Hummus with Flax Oil
  • Sprouted Lentil-Burdock Soup
  • Arame Bean Salad

Fasting Transitional Treats

  • Lemon Brown Rice Sunchoke Soup
  • Shiitake-Burdock Glazed Tempeh
  • Pressed Salads of Bok Choy, Wakame, & Parsley

Find Roxanne's Remedies at the following locations:

  • Healthwise Foods in Montgomery, AL
  • Food Wisdom Rx Studio Kitchen and Education Center, Columbia, SC
    Located at the Village at Sand Hills Shopping Center, The Residences, 487 Town Center Place #208, Columbia, SC 29229
  • Contact us for more info on Roxanne's Remedies!