Jimmi-Ann Muse,
Stage 4 Metastatic Colon Cancer Victory

Jimmi-Ann Muse testimonial

When diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Colon Cancer, Jimmi-Ann Muse was given 6 months to live without chemo, or 2 years if she underwent daily chemotherapy, a devastating proposition.

Jimmi-Ann took the challenge and then started the Food Wisdom Rx program immediately. Within six months, she was in total remission.

Jimmi-Ann's immune system was markedly strengthened, and four of the five "hot spots" in her liver were completely neutralized within only 59 days of following her personalized Food Wisdom Gluten Elimination Program, designed to detoxify inflamed tissues, starve cancer cells, and restore the immune system.

Jimmi-Ann also lost over 112 pounds and landed the elad role for Hello Dolly in Greenville, SC one year after the initial 6 month prognosis. Jimmi-Ann continues to teach drama at the Greenville Camperdown Academy. Jimmi-Ann is loving life

Dr. Sulyn Elliott,
Breast Cancer Victory

Dr. Sulyn Elliott testimonial

Diagnosed in July 2008 with cancer in her breast and lymph nodes, Dr. Sulyn Elliott dove into her individualized Food Wisdom Rx consultation just a week before lumpectomy surgery.

After 9 months of chemo, radiation, and admirably strict adherence to her new all-organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free diet of Roxanne's recipes and fresh food remedies (all while continuing to cook regular Southern meals for her multi-generational family each night), Sulyn's cancer was gone.

"It really never entered my mind that I wouldn't survive," she notes. "I was ready to do whatever it took to get well. And I did!"

Although Sulyn didn't find Roxanne early enough to prevent the loss of her hair and lashes (they've since grown back), she maintained radiant, healthy skin and nails, and more astonishing, she never once felt pain or nausea during chemo or radiation — a fact that had her medical team flabbergasted.

Emilie DeCelles,
Breast Cancer Victory

Using the Food Wisdom Rx program for little more than a year, grandmother Emilie DeCelles experienced a remarkable turnaround.
Her diagnosis in January 2003 changed from a stage 4, metastatic breast cancer tumor of 40x50mm with a cancer marker of 79 to a tumor "not even large enough to quantify with a measurement," with a cancer marker of 9.8 by May 2004. Emilie still uses the Food Wisdom food structures as a baseline more then five years later. This is incredible, given her original prognosis was very grim.

Dr. Chuck Witkowski,
Diabetes Victory

Surgeon Dr. Chuck Witkowski lost 81 pounds, reducing his average insulin intake from 400 units to 10 units (and some days none) within five months following his customized Food Wisdom Program.

In addition, Dr. Witkowski stopped needing to use acid reflux, blood pressure, or allergy medications within weeks.

"The right foods & recipes can rebuild your immune system, resolve lifelong health problems, and help you look & feel your personal best.

To put it simply, sugar feeds cancer cells — we all know that. But there's a way to cut it out without sacrificing flavor. And if you can integrate a specific program of seaweed & soy that actually tastes good, you can kill cancer cells.

Our clients keep seeing it happen, and they've never eaten better."

- Roxanne Koteles-Smith